Monday, August 3, 2009

We saw this incredible ukelele player in Hawaii! Listen to him play George Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."

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JenPB said...

OH...My...YOU DIDN'T TELL ME! I'm not a big fan of many people, but I saw Jake at Live Oak Music Festival in 2008. He was, in a word, incredible.

At Live Oak, I spend most of my time listening from afar as I watch the girls play and craft. When I saw "ukulele" on the schedule, I wasn't super thrilled. In fact, I figured there'd be nothing really to see. I mean, we've all heard Uke before, right?

Well, a couple of measures into his set I pulled the girls out of the birdseed box and we headed for the seating area. I was rapt!

Later, he played on a smaller stage where the audience and performers interact. The M/C, a talented musician in his own right, joined him part way through his session there, and while he tried his best, I'm sure, the M/C was unable to ruffle Jake. The kid had it all together. He laughed, was humble, answered questions, shared a clear love of family and friends, plus demonstrated more of his musical talent.

OH, but I do go on! SOOOOO glad you got to see him live!