Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthday Buddies!

Here's a picture of Karaline and Riley at Avila beach having fun together! Karaline and Riley were both born in February 2005 and they are good buddies! Actually, all of the grandkids love Riley...Megan first began crawling (with gusto!) when she spotted Riley across the room and just had to get her hands on her! Zeke lets out a full belly laugh when he watches Riley run around:) Riley takes all the lovin' and roughhousing in stride. We may just start calling her "Nana.":)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentine cookies!

I really enjoy baking and decorating sugar cookies and just thought I would share my latest efforts:) Happy belated Valentine's day!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Grandma's Treasures!

Last week I had all my grandbabies here together! Summer, Karaline and Megan were able to flee the frigid Nebraska winter and soak up the California sun. During their visit Auntie Sarah and Cousin Zeke were able to spend lots of time with us:) All of us(including Papa and Uncle Johnny) went on a hike above Sycamore Hot Springs complete with an ocean view, and later that evening went to Chuck E. Cheese for an early celebration of Karaline's 3rd(Feb.16) and Megan's 1st(Mar. 15) birthdays! With Papa along we were also able to go to Oso Flaco and enjoy a scenic trek. As usual, good times pass too swiftly and and we had to say a sad good-bye...but we look forward to seeing the whole Glazier family(Brian will be on spring break from dental school!) here at the end of April when Jesse and Lois are married!
The morning that Summer and the girls left, Sarah and Zeke dropped by and I was finally able to be photographed with all of my beautiful grandchildren! Not that easy:)