Saturday, August 23, 2008

How to Kill Two Birds With One...CAR!!!

Yesterday was not a good day.

First, I lost my new glasses, which I really liked and only had for a few weeks! I am hoping they will show up somewhere:) I am very frustrated with myself and my carelessness! My daughter told me that I should get the chain that attaches to the glasses and is worn around the neck...I might as well print "OLD" on my forehead!
Secondly, I was driving down my street(on my lunchbreak)toward my home, when I noticed a pigeon ahead just resting in the roadway. I proceeded along assuming that the bird would fly off (as birds usually do!), but it didn't and ended up slamming into the grill of my car, up the front window, over the hood and onto the street behind me! It was obviously dead:( I know I should have stopped and cleaned it up, but I was rather upset that I had just rammed and killed it! Thank you to the good samaritan that did clean up the remains:)

Thirdly, Jim and I (and Riley) went out to Pt. Sal on a hike:) It was very foggy, but nonetheless it was nice to get out and get some exercise. The hike up was uneventful, but on our way down it was getting fairly dark and there were coyotes howling, too close for my comfort! YIKES! I(and Jim too) kept getting spooked by the bushes; they looked like animals(coyotes!?) watching us! I was very happy when we got back to the safety of the car, vowing never to start a hike at such a late hour again! We headed down Pt. Sal Road(I was driving at about 50 mph), minding our own business, when out of nowhere a huge(not so wise) owl appeared and crashed squarely into the middle of our windshield, shattering it on impact! We both saw the hefty owl, but it happened in a split second and there was no time to react! R.I.P. Mr. Owl.

What a day!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hiking In Our Own Backyard

Yesterday Jim and I (and Riley) went hiking in the Orcutt Hills. It was nice to "get away" by driving less than a mile to the trailhead:) It was pleasant and cool and the sunset lit up the horizon! Jim was able to capture the sun's rays against the rugged terrain. And I was able to capture Jim!