Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mt. Whitney!

After all of his training, Jim(accompanied by his friend, Carlos) finally completed the trek to Mt. Whitney!!! This is a beautiful "postcard worthy" (as Jesse said) image of Whitney, on the approach:) ***I will probably be adding more details later(with help from the hiker himself), but I just wanted to get this posted before too much time passes. The adventure took place at the end of June***
Jim can't ever seem to pass up snapping a self-portrait (to prove his whereabouts?!?) and I can't ever seem to pass on posting one:) They crack me up! (This is one of a handful!)
"On the Road to Find Out..." is what Jim titled this photo:) One of my favorite Cat Stevens' songs! Up and up and up...
One of the many(96+) switchbacks on the ascent! Carlos is at the mid/right...he sort of blends in. (If you click to enlarge, Carlos is in the front in the white shirt:)
Woo Hoo!!! They made it!!! Jim signing the log at the top!
Mount Whitney summit! 14,497 ft.!!! Congratulations Jim and Carlos!!! You did it!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Getaway With Grandpa

Zeke "making tracks." He likes the feel of the sand:)

On Saturday, Sarah went to a wedding shower, Johnny had coaching responsibilities and I had to work(overtime), so Jim watched Zeke. He decided to take him to the "secret beach" for the day. Zeke loves the beach and Saturday was no exception. The deserted, wide beach was the perfect place for Zeke to run around and expend toddler energy!
He had a lot of fun throwing the stick for Riley...she will retrieve it relentlessly! Well, she is a Labrador Retriever:) and she looooves the water!
Zeke likes the ocean too, unfazed by the chilly temperature...
Zeke in his element:) What a happy camper!!! Isn't he cute?!
By the end of the day, Zeke was so tired that he walked over to the backpack and wanted to get in... "All done!" That's what Zeke says when he is finished with something, whether it's a nap or a meal or he wants off of the swing:) Those two words come in handy!
Grandpa and Zeke stopped to check out the elephant seals on the way home...By the time Zeke arrived home he was worn out and sound asleep! :)

P.S. Doesn't Zeke have a handsome grandpa? :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Paige's Wedding Shower

This is Paige, the guest of honor(on the left-ha ha!) with her "kitchen helper." Someone made "her" out of all sorts of household supplies, etc...very cute idea that I will have to steal sometime in the future:)
My sister, Camille, and her daughter, Brooke, put on a very nice wedding shower luncheon for our niece, Paige. They served three varieties of quiche, a spinach salad and a fruit salad:) It was all delicious! For dessert there was cheesecake-YUM! We all had a great time and Paige received many nice gifts:)
Laura's beautiful girls...Paige and Michelle(her sister) with Paige's "bouquet."
The two hostesses on the left and the rest of the Bouza bunch:)
Camille asked me to make some cookies as favors for the guests. I made them in white and "vintage blue," Paige's colors. I enjoyed making them and sharing them!
We are looking forward to Paige and Steven's wedding in August!