Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Karaline is 5!!!

I can't believe that the first little munchkin is now five years old! I was so happy to finally be present on her birthday, thanks to Delta Airlines!
Karaline is such a big girl now! She took the initiative and made this meat sandwich for herself! She is a loving, fun, imaginative, smart girl! She even read to me when I was there! Karaline has a zest for life and is always on the go! She is lovable, helpful and a great big sister to her sister and brother:) We are so happy that she is our granddaughter and love her very much!

The first night I was in Nebraska I babysat for Summer and Brian so that they could go to a friend's "Nerdy Thirty" birthday party. See the nerdy couple below, ready to party!

The party's over... Whew, back to the Summer and Brian we know and love:)
For Karaline's birthday party she decided she wanted a cat theme...

Isn't she a cute kitten!?! Love that pose! Karaline helped me make this "pin the nose on the cat" game. Summer made cat ear headbands, and I made cat goody bags:)
The party is about to start...just waiting for the guests to arrive. Megan is excited too!
The birthday girl with her special birthday balloon and her new stuffed Valentine kitty.
Opening her gifts surrounded by her friends. Megan looks very interested...perhaps she can play with this toy too?!?
Happy Birthday dear Karaline, Happy Birthday to you!!! Ready to blow out the candles on her cat cake. It sure turned out to be a special birthday party for Karaline! XOXOXO
Megan is dressed up like a little mommy in her hat, holding her cell phone, with a purse on her arm:) She really IS a big girl because now she is officially potty trained!!! It's not always that easy...If playing in the playroom, Megan would have to dart up two flights of stairs to make it to the bathroom in time! She always did:) XOXOXO We love you, Megan!!!
And last, but not least, here's Jake enjoying his smoothie, using his straw as a spoon:) (Brian and Karaline made these smoothies for family night and they were so yummy!) Jake is a little comedian most of the time, making all of us laugh! So cute! We sure love him too! XOXO

I had such a FUN visit!