Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blessing Caleb:)

We are so happy that we were able to be in Hawaii to attend Caleb's blessing on August 2nd! He's an adorable little sweetheart! We were so happy to finally meet him and be able to hug and kiss the little guy in person!

Here's the sweet little family...Lois, Caleb and Jesse:)

It was so wonderful to have all of our children together and 2/5 of the grandchildren...the kids hadn't been together since December! IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY and A WONDERFUL BLESSING!

The rest of our Hawaii photos will be posted soon! :)


s-n-m Glazier said...

Caleb is a cute little man. They make an adorable family

Lois Sanchez Sparks said...

It was really fun having you all come over here! :) We had a great time! Thanks for the love you shared with Caleb and us... :)