Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Of Buddies, Bandits and Blogs

Zeke and Riley are buddies:) Whenever Zeke visits our home I immediately give him a big hug and kiss, but he does not pay attention to grandma... instead he looks over my shoulder calling to Riley with his signature doggie sounds, ready to romp with his canine friend!
And romp they do! Zeke was actually enjoying this affectionate little nibble on his arm:)
"C'mon, Riley, let's roughhouse!!!" "Ho Hum," says Riley:)
Zeke giving Riley some sweet love pats..."Good doggie." SO CUTE!
Later on, Zeke was being way too quiet, so I went into the kitchen and found the refrigerator door open, but no Zeke. Hmmm...where could he be? I spotted him, quiet as a mouse, behind the butcher block, with his finger in the pilfered object,(of all things) a bottle of mustard:) Yep, he was caught "red-handed," or should I say "yellow-fingered?!" Turns out he loves the stuff straight out of the bottle!? :)

Lastly, FYI...I have another blog, devoted to food:)
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Kara Miller said...

Haha!! He looks so cute with his finger in the mustard. It reminds me of the nursery rhyme, "Stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum!"

Lois Sanchez Sparks said...

hahaha!!! Zeke and Riley are so cute! I remember loving those doggie nibbles, too, from our dog when I was young. Seems like Zeke knows where to hide when he does something sneaky.. haha! So cute! (mustard?!? oh well..)

Yesterday during our prenatal class, a dog walked in to our room. He/she looks so much like Riley.