Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Sarah(with her cute new 'do) and Zeke in their Easter duds:)

After church(which was great!) we had a total of 13 people at our home for Easter dinner... dad, nephew, niece, 3 great nieces, brother, sis.-in-law, daughter, son-in-law, grandson and us:) I was so busy, busy, busy that I didn't take photos of everyone...I had really wanted to get one of my dad with his great-grandson! Oh well, next time. My dad stayed with us for a week and it was great to be able to visit with him one on one. Usually when I see him there are two dozen others around and I don't get much individual time to talk to him, so it was nice:)
Though Zeke had never hunted for Easter eggs before he quickly got into the swing of things and was excited to discover the eggs and add them to his basket...I wish his other little cousins had been here to join him!!!

We had a traditional ham dinner and it was pretty good with everyone bringing a dish to share:) For dessert I made a cream cheese bundt cake with strawberry sauce and whipped cream-It was yummy! I also made some sugary Easter egg cookies:)-See my other blog.
Sarah and Kada helped me do ALL(there were plenty) of the dishes! THANK YOU!!!

I had a very pleasant day and hope everyone else did too!

P.S. I gave all the kids in our Primary(Sunday school) class a bunny bread and they loved them!

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Sarah and John Root said...

Oh my heavens I have an enormous pointy nose in this picture! Zekey looks cute though :)