Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Stranger No More!

The other night Jim, Zeke and I went on a brisk walk(Zeke was actually being pushed in the jogging stroller:)). About halfway into our walk we were chugging up the "Bradley dip" going south when we came upon an elderly man that was also hiking up the dip, at a pretty good pace. We started talking to him and quickly learned that his name was Vern. Vern was a very friendly fellow and told us that he was from Iowa, 85 years old, has had a pacemaker since his heart attack in "85 and was here visiting his sister who was in the hospital. After talking to him a little bit longer we discovered that he had gotten off the bus and headed in the wrong direction and was now miles from where he wanted to be! Of course Jim offered to drive him to his sister's house. Vern walked home with us and was so happy to sit down in a warm home with some hot tea and conversation! He seemed very happy to make new friends:) and took Jim's business card and gave us his contact numbers. He was so grateful for our hospitality! The pleasure was ours:) I think we will be having Vern for dinner soon before he returns to Iowa:)

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Lois Sanchez Sparks said...

aawww.. that's so sweet! :)