Friday, March 20, 2009

One Round-trip Ticket to Omaha!

I seriously don't know how this photo ended up first, it was in the middle , following the elephant pic, but that's o.k. This is a cute picture of Karaline on the gorilla statue...One of the zoo's real gorillas was very active that day...pounding his chest, hitting the huge windows with his fist and feet! Yikes! Notice the frozen water feature behind Karaline:) I actually took the California warmth with me to Nebraska...the temperature was in the 70's, but the prior week had been in the single digits!

I was able to visit with Summer and family for only five days, but I had a great time!
We went to Karaline's dance class and she did such a good job! She's quite the "twinkle toes:)"
Brian, the dental student, studying hard!
Jake is such a happy baby boy! He pretty much has a perpetual smile on his face:)
Here's Jake learning to negotiate the stairs. He goes UP like a champ, but needs more practice going DOWN.
We were able to spend time at the zoo in Omaha. It's fantastic! This elephant was so tired that he fell asleep leaning on the cement post:) Poor fella...I know just how he feels:)

Megan received this Tinkerbell chair for her 2nd birthday(I was there for it!)...We had gone to ToysRUs to pick out gifts for her, and Summer was considering the chair, but once Megan sat in it there was no turning back! She picked that chair up and carried it around the whole store!
Megan also loves, loves, loves, her new stroller and dolly! She pushed that little stroller all over the house and neighborhood at full speed! What a cute little mommy:) Below is the real mommy with her cute little munchkins! They are so lucky to have her:)
Thanks for the fun! Love and miss you all! XOXOXOXOXO


Summer and family said...

Thanks for the fun post!

Sue Sparks said...

Sure looks like I missed out on lots of fun!! :( Grandpa Sparks

Sue Sparks said...
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Sue Sparks said...

When I first saw the pics of the gorillas near the frozen falls, I thought they were real ones and "what the heck was Karaline doing with them? HaHa! (Grandpa Sparks)

Sarah and John Root said...

Looks like a fun did a lot of stuff in five days! Cute post!!

Lois Sanchez Sparks said...

I was asking Jesse, "how does a waterfall become frozen?" haha!

Megan looks cute with her new toys! :) And Jake's really cute with his big smile! :)