Sunday, February 15, 2009

Never Too Late for Love and Child Labor

I wanted to post this yesterday, but procrastinator that I am...It's never too late to send love(mini cupcake style) to the grandchildren! We love you everyday of the year!
I had some fun making cookies, other than hearts, for Valentine's day!
The cupcake cookie was made with a cutter labeled "crown" that I had on hand:) I like the VW "love bug" the best:)
I put Zeke to work one day "helping" me with the dishes:) He loves the bubbles! He's sporting his "manly" surfing apron made by Jesse back in junior high:) Aren't his Crocs cute?


Lois Sanchez Sparks said...

mmmm... yummy! That tower cookie looks familiar to me... :) Thanks! :) I like the design of the ladybug... it's cute! :)

Zeke is sooo cute in the picture with the apron! I want to give him a big hug!

Lois Sanchez Sparks said...
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Kara Miller said...

Those cookies are gorgeous! Have you ever frozen your cookies before, then frosted them later? I was thinking of trying that for my sister-in-law's bridal shower but didn't know how they'd hold up. Thanks for any info! :)