Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Random things+1

I was "tagged" on facebook and thought that I would post it on my blog also...just for fun:)
If tagged you're supposed to list 25 random facts about yourself, so....

If anyone else wants to do it consider yourself tagged:)

Anyway, here's my list:

1. Arrogance bugs me.
2. Have rescued many lost dogs.
3. Love to eat pan dulce:)
4. Never met my Armenian grandparents:(
5. Finished the Solvang Century bike ride.
6. Got lost on Ellis Island as a child.
7. Like to collect cookbooks.
8. Get up at 3:20 a.m. for work.
9. Was baptized in the Provo River(Utah) at age 20.
10. Don't like to take naps.
11. Am a second-generation Californian.
12. Could never speak with my spanish-speaking great-grandma.
13. Have been to thirty other states and two other countries.
14. Sang a solo in H.S. in front of the whole school and my knees actually shook!
15. Have to cover the phone, clock, answering machine, etc....in the bedroom at night so that I can sleep with the room as dark as possible.
16. I am the youngest of four.
17. I think I have ADD.
18. Am married to a man that resembles Bill Clinton(with a much better nose!), has "Popeye" arms and "Indiana Jones" style adventures.
19. Like to hike at Pt. Sal.
20. Went to BYU as a non-mormon.
21. Was voted "Most Fun" in my senior class.
22. Sponsor(and correspond with) a little girl in the Philippines through CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL. www.children.org
23. Went to the Metropolitan Opera try-outs with my dad and also to see Rudolph Nureyev in Swan Lake.
24. Mom to (including the three that married into the family!) the most exceptional human beings I know!
26. I am SO happy that we finally have a king-sized bed!

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Summer and family said...

THink I knew most of that, but fun to read about anyway!