Monday, November 24, 2008

Tongue In Cheek

There are certain topics of conversation that are considered taboo and best kept under wraps to avoid hard feelings and contention, such as politics and religion.

Currently there is one subject that elicits the most heated debate of all...

Hmmmmm....Is it

Obama vs. McCain? No.

Prop. 8, yes or no? Wrong again!

What is it? When should you just zip your lip?

When you have read Twilight and did not care for the book(diplomatically put)!

Making such a confession will bring gasps and looks of disdain! Women of all ages will protest and angry mobs will conspire against you! Make no mistake about it, the frenzy is real and there is no escaping the "Edward mania!"

I realize that I am in the minority, but there are others that feel as I do...they shall remain nameless to protect the innocent.

Take my advice.
In this instance...Mum's the word!


Lois Sanchez Sparks said...

hmmmm... interesting... This may really be another sensitive topic, eh?!? :P
I have read the entire Twilight saga and I liked it. But I can't understand why some "fans" are going over so "gaga" (crazy) over this thing that they make a big deal on other people who hasn't even read it yet. I, myself, could care less. I don't see the point of going insane whether someone tells me they have read the book and they liked it or did not like it, or if they haven't read it yet and they are interested in doing so, or if someone randomly confessed to me that they have or haven't seen the movie. I still can't understand the frenzy over this Twilight thing... :P what's the point?!? I like the saga but I won't go insane over it to the point that it would seem like a worldwide crisis if someone hasn't read it yet or seen the movie... wheeew!

Sue Sparks said...

:)I'm glad you enjoyed the books Lois! It's always fun when you like a book and then it's part of a series:) It just wasn't my "cup of tea," but that's what makes the world go round:) Obviously tons of people love the book(s)! I hope you have fun with the movie when you see it!
XO Mom

Sarah and John Root said...

Well said and very diplomatic :). I would have to join you in the minority!