Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Family First!

Shall we say that I have been a little bit consumed with my foodie blog, Munchkin Munchies?  Coupled with the fact that I am also a Procrastinator(note the capital P)...you get the picture. I surely don't want you to think for one split second that I care more about munchies than my munchkins, so I am going to catch up with the last few seasons (spring, summer, fall) of my family life to set the record straight!  I love my munchkins (big and little)!!!

Let's begin with Jim and I attending three graduations in three different states:
Jesse in Hawaii in April (B.S. in Accounting)!
Brian in Nebraska in May (Dental school)!

and Johnny in California in June (single subject teaching credential)!

(Be sure and take notice of all the cute munchkins!) :)

We are so proud of all of their hard work! It paid off... Jesse now has a job as an accountant(and is attending school toward his masters degree), Brian is working as a practicing dentist, and Johnny is a H.S. English teacher. Blessings all around!  Woo Hoo!

More tomorrow...when Jim helps me find the photos I need in his folders!?!


Scooter said...

You are the GREATEST MOM AND GRANDMA on the planet!!! And one heck of an awesome photographer!! A true inspiration in all departments of that I am sure...I am following this blog because your pictures are simple and PURE and I just love them.
Kuddos and a big congratulations to you ad your husband but most of all your children for accomplishing their graduation goals this year...wow!!! Such accomplishments you must be soo proud.
Thanks for letting me drop by and share in the family love...you are amazing!!!!

Lois Sparks said...

Yay!!! :) a post! :) Hehehe...
wow, I didn't even realize they graduated one month after the other.. way to go! woohoo!!
and yes, all the munchkins are cute!

Diane said...

OMGosh, what a great accomplishments Ÿ Congrats to all and those are some precious munchkins.

Scooter said...

Thanks for the wonderful compliment and in addition just passing on this information....if you ever find the time...you can find all kinds of roses on my new blog...me and the photo business have moved to tylisaann.wordpress.com
I hardly ever visit the blogspot blog anymore am so thankful for your visit and compliment. Thank you...stop by wordpress blog there are lots of roses....didn't know I even liked then and now I am affectionately called by some "The Rose Lady"..gotta love that..God bless you and your precious family!!

The Cooking Photographer said...

Three graduations is reason to celebrate. You must have been racing around to get to everything!

nsanchez said...

Congratulations, Sue!

Jessica said...

WOW!! Three graduations?!?

Happy Thursday! I am blog hopping today and I am so happy I got to stop by your blog!!

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Have a very blessed Thursday!! :0)