Friday, September 26, 2008

A blessing in Omaha

Grandma(me) snuggling with Megan and Jake

Our newest grandchild, Jake, was blessed in Omaha , and Jim and I were able to be there:) My in-laws(Ann and Dick) also came. They DROVE all the way from California! We FLEW:)
It was so great to spend time with Summer, Brian, Karaline, Megan and Jake! We miss them very much! The kids grow and change so fast! Hopefully one day they can live closer(a lot!) to us:) Our visit there was way too short!

Jake sure is a handsome little fella! Look at those kissable cheeks! Jim met Jake for the first time and I hadn't seen him since he was two weeks old! He's a happy little guy and smiles readily:) His sisters love him and Megan especially loves to pat him on the back and give him kisses:) So cute!

Grandma and Karaline overlooking the Missouri River(behind the trees).
I love Karaline's big, cheesy (but cute!) grin:) She's so much fun!

I sure miss them!


Sarah and John Root said...

These are cute pictures! I hadn't seen them yet. I'm excited for my trip to see these guys.

Brianne said...

Sis. Sparks!!! I can't believe I stumbled upon your family's pages :) It's Brianne Gray! Well, it's been Brianne Wiseman for about 8 years now... but hey! I'll be stopping by to check out your life once in a while if ya don't mind :)

Summer and family said...

We had a lot of fun with you guys visiting- it went by too time you'll have to stay longer!